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Miscellaneous Art
By Bob Price
Winter's Day
(Water-Color on Paper)

Images of the Washita Valley; Oklahoma
(Water-Color on Paper)

Civil War Period Home; Virginia
(Water-Color on Paper)

Space Study #1
(Enamel on Art-board)

Space Study #2
(Enamel on Art-board)

Patch and Plaque Design's for Army Security Agency FS Sobe Torii Station Okinawa
The eagle on the left won out; circa 1976
(35mm slide copies using a flat-bed scanner at 1200 dpi)

Winning Design for Torii Station
taken from drawing above
This is a copy of the patch by Bob Price

Scanner Study of the Same Painting
The Picture on the Left is the Original Color
(Bob Price; Oil on Canvas)

Early Locomotive Design for Santa Fe Railway date unknown