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Way out West...Photos!
Photo of the Year 1996
Stevens Transportation
National Contest Winner Trucking News

Wilson Arch south of Moab Utah; Truck 2447
Photography by Bob Price

Jack Priddy on 'Bull' Amarillo Texas;
'Bull's' horns measured 108" tip to tip! Yes, the steer is alive...

Twinn Lakes area; near Leadville Colorado

Alamo Plaza; San Antonio Texas

Custer Hill;  Big Horn Battlefield South Dakota

Line Camp in the Snow; Monticello Utah

West Texas Windmill; near Post Texas

Texas Longhorn; near Fort Phantom Hill Texas

A Confusion of Cultures; Government Housing, Religious Hogan, Trailer-house and TePee;
North of Gallup New Mexico

A solar-powered 'TePee Rest-Stop; and Indians approach a waterhole from a minature painting

Moon over the Arizona Mountains

Minnesota River in the Winter-time

Durango Co. to Silverton D&RGW Narrow Guage #476 with a helper engine

Washington State

Near Shiprock New Mexico on Hwy 666

Road-side Tepee's...New Mexico

Single Spire near Shiprock

Near Gila Bend Arizona

Wyoming Badlands

Bunker Hill Nevada...11,4774 ft...Toiyabe Mountain Range

Early Morning Rainbow in the beginning of a Snow Storm
Near Shiprock New Mexico; Hwy 666

Wilson Arch Moab Utah Hwy 191

Arizona Ranger Black Bob in Texas
with English Outlaw John R. Barrow

Gunfighter study....smack dab in the middle of the studio!
Bob Price....self timer!


Studies for oil painting 'The Shoot-out'

Part of the fun of marketing Western Art is helping to promote 'life history' thru costume and story.
* All Photo Pages Dedicated To Sgt. Paul David Lovelace *
Dave 'tried' to teach me photography in the Army...

Dave Lovelace readies for an intellgence mission
with British Forces in Berlin
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