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 By Bob Price

If you can use them...then enjoy 'em and let me know where I can see them in action!
No link required unless you want to...

These are some of my doodle's...most were drawn on scraps of paper or in corners of pages I was otherwise working on...occassionally I drew on whole pages like the one below when I was trying to think of any means of transportation that would get me out of a particular situation I found myself in...Have Fun...animate them; use them as your own site or just use them as inspiration and draw some for yourself!

Transportation: Line Art
Desert Storm: Line Art
Army Security Agency Emblems
Images of World War II: Line Art
Miscellaneous: Skads of new Stuff from other places, signs, hot rod stuff and etc's...












Desert Storm





Army Security Agency Emblems

Field Station Quick-Reaction Emblem: by Bob Price

Images of World War II

World War II Period; Grant Tank