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Cartoons of the Past
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  Page2  US Army Cartoons

All artwork by Bob Price

This is a 'Cartoon' it is; there is little rhyme or reason; nor continuity in these efforts. There was never a conscious effort at a connection. Actually, most of my cartoon work began as a side-bar to other efforts. This was the fun stuff born of doodle's and jokes and the kind of stuff little boys are made of...we won't go there...but, inside every grown man remains the boy...and sometimes I can connect with him...these 'toon's allow me to remember him.

Very early cartoon strip idea...starring 'Dude West'

I began drawing these Coupes about 1958 and stayed in trouble in school...

This was my 'standard' T-Shirt art...I drew them on T-Shirt's and Sweat's
with Magic Markers...

A '57 Chevy 409...

Two versions of my '65 Tempest...circa 1969

My 1966 Caprice...drawn about 1971-72

Super-Modified shortly before I entered the Army

A 'get-up...and go-kart'....

It's all down-hill from here!

An Army Correspondent and a 'catfisherman'


Here's an idea that helped to get immediate results from City Hall.
Sometimes simple ideas work best.

I called this 'cartoon strip' Invisible Government and published it on the back
of a single page underground newspaper; which I distributed myself. The paper
was quoted on the front page of the local daily newspaper; and certainly drew the
attention of the City Father's of Amarillo who eventually fired the Chief of Police
following a botched murder investigation where the murderer was turned loose after
sloppy police work; and he wound up killing the sister of a good friend of mine before
he was apprehended again and eventually put to death by the State of Texas. I would like
to think that this $40 project helped bring about those results.

"This is all there is to it...a walkie talkie...Zorro Phonograph...tape deck and a Classical
Disc Jockey and there you have it...College Radio at it's best!"
(Drawn for FM-90; Amarillo College)

President Jimmy Carter studies

"We better let Mikie go first...he'll swallow anything..."


Views of Ronald Reagan

Lighten up; a thousand years from now who will care if we killed
the last 'energy-ausaurus' or not...

Broadway Joe Namath Retires

Now it makes sense...LOL!

"When there is a knock on the bunker" for Sadam...
"The War in Central America" and a Cuban Advisor

A 'hick' and a World War I; Dough-Boy...

"Hurry Dear, the Trick or Treater's will soon be here..."
(1st Place Cartoon State of Texas College Press Association)

An 80's cartoon in response to people trying to get
the US involved in the wars in Central America

Camera's were getting so complicated at the end of the 70's we couldn't imagine what was next.
Who would have envisioned the internet and digital cameras...and the kind of guy that will sell you one!

Transparency for T-shirt Art; and Ed Asner steps down as Lou Grant

"Have We Got a deal for you...throw away those old Text Books...for $19.95 you can have 'Learn-a-Matic'..."
(a reaction to teachers preparing their own teaching aids; requiring students to buy them for profit)

The Editor...Self Portrait

"We let him think that 'bogy' is a lifestyle...not a handicap!"

George Bush

"Uncle Sam Commits Suicide at the Fuel Pumps of America..."

I never got along with Math...figured it could kill ya...if it wanted to
(listen to Jimmy Buffett's song...Math Sucks!)

Governor Jesse Ventura...Henry Kissinger...Alan Greenspan...Bobbie Batista CNN News

Art work for a C.B. QSL Card...DX is skip...where the C.B. signal
bounces off the atmosphere and travels hundreds of miles instead of just a few miles...

Pretty fast Go-Kart...

Don Palmer Automotive Special

Texas Spring Break...

"I have never seen Earth in this light before...
I know this is going to sound wierd...but I see....the letters...'O'....'J'....
and......a giant black All of Us... 'The Finger'..!"

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